What PROXIMOS system can do

ONLINE monitoring of physical and chemical parameters

Continuously measures, records, and evaluates physical and chemical values.

Gives remote access from anywhere via the Internet.

Allows to display and print these values according to the selected time interval.

When the set acceptable limits are exceeded, the ALARM system is triggered and reports this by e-mail, SMS or sound or light alarm.

Web interface

View current values
The user has a permission to view all the current measured values. Color-coded values allow you to quickly respond to any anomalies. Values within acceptable limits are marked in green, if the value is exceeded, they will light up in red. Sensors that are not available or currently not working are colored in gray.

Overview of alarms
The alarm list is also color-coded according to the alarm type. In the right menu, you can filter received alarms for a selected time period, choose to display only certain values and probes, or filter by alert types. It also differentiates between acknowledged and unacknowledged alarms.

Graphical representation of measurements
Very accurate graph of the measured values in comparison with the set limits. It is possible to select graphs for different time periods and different channels.

Parameter setting
In the settings, you can set new or change existing parameters of channels and probes, define access rights for individual users, define in detail the parameters and conditions for sending warning notifications (siren / email / SMS, to whom, what type of message).

New in the user interface


  • Icons and pictures of measured parameters
  • Ability to hide a disabled channel
  • Search for a channel using the search field
  • The user now sees the date and exact time of the measurement on the graphic display
  • Low battery or weak signal alert


  • Automatic user logout according to pre-set time
  • Expanded user access - the new user "user admin" can manage the settings and alarms of the channels assigned to him, but does not see the transmitters, users, sensors.


  • Export of data in the selected time range
  • Bulk acknowledgment of alarms by type or device

Access to DEMO version

If you already have access to the demo version, just click on the link here: demo.proximos.cz/logindialog
If you don't have access, fill out the form below.


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