How the system works

Technical solution

The Proximos system operates on the basis of an IoT solution that allows the wireless connection of probes with software for collecting, recording, and evaluating measured values. There is no need for cables, power supply, Internet. The IoT modules are powered by special batteries with a lifetime of up to several years depending on the measurement frequency.

PROXIMOS 2 communicates with the two most common IoT networks— NB-IoT and LoRa.

IoT-solution NarrowBand

NB-IoT — is a special narrow-band network created by mobile operators, which is designed exclusively for the transmission of Internet data. The advantage is the availability of the signal throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and its reach even in hard-to-reach places, for example, through several walls, underground or under water.

Wireless IoT sensors are connected through this ad hoc network to the BioPro server. Here the user can monitor, control, and evaluate the collection of traceable data through a web interface.


  • Easy self-installation
  • High mobility of probes – possibility of installation in vehicles
  • Unlimited spatial placement of probes (even in hard-to-reach places, 99% coverage)
  • Independence from connectivity
  • No need to purchase additional equipment

LoRaWAN solution

LoRaWAN — is a reliable and secure network for wireless connection to the Internet of things (IoT). Connection is possible over long distances within the complex or building. An unlimited number of wireless probes are connected to the LoRa gateway and communicate with the LoRa’s own network within the complex. Possibility of your own server to store data at the place of installation (company) or remote access to the manufacturer's Cloud.



  • Data under personal management and control
  • Wireless connection
  • Great extensibility / scalability
  • Powered by high-capacity batteries
  • Mobility within the complex
  • Smaller probes

The unique variability of the PROXIMOS 2 system makes it possible to design and subsequently easily implement technically and economically optimal solutions both for a restaurant or a small establishment with several sensors, and for a large laboratory complex or warehouse with dozens of remote measurement points and several vehicles delivering goods. Possibility to motinor different locations (factories) in one central system..

The actual measurement of values is done by:

  • temperature sensors
  • humidity sensors
  • gas sensors

Data processing

  • Measurement and recording of values occur at user-defined intervals.

  • When user-set limits are exceeded, a multi-level ALARM is triggered. The user can be informed about the alarm by e-mail, SMS, or siren (sound and light alarm). Each individual alarm can be acknowledged, and a text message can be added to it about the cause and remedy of the alarm. The variability of notifications depends on the type of alarm and the person in charge.

  • The user can view and print the data at any time using a web browser. The advantage of this
    solution is the possibility of remote access via a web interface without the need to install
    additional software.

  • Through the web interface, the user performs analysis, parameter setting and other functions.

  • The web interface is accessible from both PCs and mobile phones or tablets.

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